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Jellylegs fitness

We offer online strength coaching and personal training for all ranges of abilities. We offer customisable training plans as well as personal 1-to-1 coaching delivered through our app. 

Remote Training Plans

We offer online coaching for clients with schedules that don't fit into personal training hours. For clients that want constant interaction with their coach to ensure they're getting the results they want. We design your training plan to suit the time you have available and your level of fitness to ensure that your training is realistic and practical for you.


We use video demonstrations of all exercises to ensure clients are comfortable and knowledgeable on how to perform movements correctly. For more complex movements we may ask clients to film themselves so we can provide feedback. This is all made simple through our app.

S & C & Online Personal Training

We offer individualised strength and conditioning programmes for athletes to improve their performance, reduce risk of injuries, increase flexibility and range of motion and improve power and strength. We can also help athletes make a safe return to sport after injuries.


We also offer online personal training for individuals that are looking to gain strength, reduce body fat, improve their physique and health and gain confidence in the gym.

Nutrition & Lifestyle Management

We offer nutritional advice and plans to help clients reach their fitness goals. This can be helpful for individuals that are working towards building their ideal physique or losing body fat. It can also be useful for athletes to optimize their performance and we can provide specific nutritional training plans for endurance athletes such as cyclists, marathon runners and long distance triathletes. 


We offer lifestyle management advice to all clients to improve their performance, overall health and well being. 

Online PT and S&C for athletes

Coaching starts at €85 monthly and includes tailored workouts, 1-1 daily communication with your coach, nutritional planning, goal setting and lifestyle management

 Individualised Strength

& Conditioning



Online Personal Training

Specialising in S & C for athletes