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Lactate Profiling

We offer a full lactate profile test for cyclists, runners and triathletes as well as power profiling for cyclists and triathletes. We use the most recent, medical grade equipment to provide our clients with accurate training zones which are necessary for both competitive and recreational athletes to get the most from their training. 

Frequently asked questions

What is lactate profiling?

Lactate profiling is a test used to establish a person's lactate threshold, the point at which blood lactate accumulates faster than it can be eliminated or reused by the body. Blood lactate is a by-product that occurs in the body when it doesn't have sufficient oxygen for energy metabolism.  

What are the benefits of lactate testing?

Lactate testing is used to establish accurate training intensities and zones as well as to monitor progression in athletes of all levels. It can be utilized to increase training productivity and decreases the risk of over training and burn out. Lactate testing is beneficial for anyone that is looking to increase their performance and get the most from their training.

How is a lactate profile test completed?

Tests will vary depending on sport and desired results. Usually, after a sufficient warm-up, exercise intensity will be increased by fixed amounts until the athlete can no longer continue or chooses to end the test. Throughout the test blood lactate will be analyzed using an automatic analyzer. Blood is usually taken through the finger or ear. Only a very small drop of blood is needed to test and the participant will feel extremely minimal to no pain when the blood is taken. Heart rate and power are also recorded throughout the test. Athletes will receive a detailed breakdown of their results and a full explanation of training zones within 24hrs of completing the test.   

Is lactate testing safe?

Yes, as long as the participant has no contraindications to high intensity exercise the risks associated with testing are minimal. Participants might feel nauseous, breathless and fatigued however these feelings will pass quickly once the test is over.

What is the cost of lactate testing?

The cost of lactate testing is €100 per test with reduced costs for clubs and groups of 5 or more. All Jellyleg's athlete's receive a 20% discount on all testing, whether they are on a set training plan or receiving 1-to-1 coaching. We also offer a 15% discount for triathletes wishing to complete a lactate test for cycling and running, however, both tests can not be completed on the same day for accuracy of results.

Can you visit our club/team or do we have to come to you?

Yes , we can travel to test groups and clubs. All that is required for the test is a small room/hall. 

How do I get started? 

Please contact us at and we would be happy to help you further with arranging a test.